finding a new structure, as we go along, to do justice to the setup we had for decades at the original site:
here's a preliminary directory:

April art of '24, the 1st page here, focussed on REX, who pased away that month.
Also have the updated pages ready on the 1st Dutch faggot novel by J.I. de Haan , published in 1904.

May art for '24, a focus at my Dutch art roots, Willem and Martin.
more entries for May, like this one on Lucasz Leja.
and on the scat art of the Hun.
we also must neve forget the great talented pioneers who paved the way for us, like Ernst Hildebrand.
a little overview of the Italian line art of Nicola
As was usual over the past years at we keep the tradition of adding (almost daily) summer/beach scenes during july:

I'm open for requests or inquiries
more content to follow here soon.